About us

“Net patrol” is the Safer Internet Hotline established to allow the reporting and processing of submissions of illegal or harmful content on the Internet.

Main priority in the work of the hotline is countering the spread of child sexual abuse images, sexual exploitation and physical and psychological attacks against children.

The hotline offers everyone an opportunity to report illegal and disturbing content through the various different reporting methods - he/she can visit the website and the hotline to report the content by filling out the online form provided and submitting it online or reporting by e-mail.

Member of INHOPE, International Association of Internet Hotlines.

What are the specific Objectives for the Hotline?

  • Operate a hotline for Internet users in Serbia to report illegal and harmful material and activities, so as to reduce the circulation of illegal content on the Internet.
  • Inform users of the hotline’s scope of activity and how to contact it; clarify to the users the difference between the hotline’s activities and those of public authorities, and inform them of the existence of alternative ways of reporting illegal content.
  • Establish and, if necessary, use the hotline to receive information from the public relating to illegal content which will act as a national alert platform;
  • Draw up a manual of procedures in cooperation with law enforcement authorities and in accordance with best practice guidelines;
  • Deal rapidly with complaints received;
  • Where permitted under national law and the manual of procedures, undertake a preliminary assessment of the legality of the content reported and trace its origin;
  • Forward the report to the appropriate body for action (police, ISP, correspondent hotline);
  • Conduct systematic notice to the host service provider of content assessed as illegal child abuse material, unless the police have requested the hotline not to do so;
  • Participate actively in networking with other local stakeholders;
  • Take part in cross-border discussions and exchange of best practice with other co-funded hotlines and with other stakeholders as part of the network.
  • Contribute to the European URL database once set up by the network coordinator.